Help PTA Adams Membership
Your Adams PTA membership matters! 

Why does your membership matter? The obvious answer is that your membership directly impacts our students by supporting our many programs and events. What you may not know is that the PTA is, above all else, an advocacy organization. In fact, the national PTA is the oldest child advocacy organization in the United States, and is responsible for many of the child-focused programs, laws, and guidelines that we as parents often take for granted.




Pay for a single membership.

Dual Membership


Receive two memberships at  a discount rate. 

Single Plus Membership


Buy a single membership, plus donate $15 to sponsor a membership for an Adams teacher or staff member. 

Dual Plus  Membership


Pay for a two memberships, plus donate $15 to sponsor the membership of an Adams teacher or staff member. 


Your PTA membership is Adams's legislative voice.

Your membership dues are used to pay our Washington State and Seattle PTA dues. The more members our PTA has, the more voting delegates we get at the state level. More voting delegates means more votes that support the interest of Adams Elementary and it’s families.

Our goal is to reach 100% family participation.

Without discrimination, membership is open to anyone who supports the purposes and basic policies of the National PTA, WSPTA and the Adams PTA.


The PTA does not want lack of funds to prevent anyone who wants to participate as a member to do so. Membership scholarships are available, please email our PTA membership chair for assistance. All scholarship information is confidential. 

Your PTA membership gives you a voice within the Adams PTA.

PTA members are asked to vote at monthly board meetings on items that shape what we do, and how we support our students throughout the school year. 

Enjoy Benefits

Members can take advantage of a host of benefits from PTA membership including discounts and offers from member benefits providers including:

If you have any questions regarding membership please email our PTA membership chair.