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The Adams Elementary PTA is proud to arrange the purchase and distribution of our school supplies for all our students. This service is very popular with teachers and families as it saves time, ensures that everyone is ready on the first day of school, and also is more eco-friendly and more equitable. Teachers now strive to reuse supplies from one year to the next, and their lists were even smaller this year! 

Because this is a large expense in total, we humbly ask parents to please chip in for the cost of these supplies. It's immensley appreciated by our teachers! But we want to make sure most of our budget goes to staffing and other things families love about Adams that the PTA helps support. 

The per-student cost of supplies this year is $27.50. You may pay this fee below or bring a check to the office made out to Adams Elementary PTA. Select for number of students you have in school or for additional students you'd like to cover. You also may enter any amount. Thank you! If paying for supplies is a hardship for you, you may request a scholarship. No personal information is required. 

**Use the + and - to add students or enter a specific contribution amount in the window.

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