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We're very proud of our parent, staff and community involvement. Our active PTA provides a multitude of enriching activities and daily support. The PTA is lead by parent, teacher, and staff who volunteer their time and dedicate to enhancing our children’s educational experience, strengthen their love of learning and add to the sense of belonging among the families and staff at Adams. 

Each school year the Adams PTA leadership works to identify and address the current issues which are most important to parents and school administrators. While our PTA is autonomous it is supported by the national structure. Click on these links to learn more about our Washington State PTA and National PTA



Cortny Helmick

PTA President


Allison Born Leutner

PTA Secretary


Ellen Harrop

PTA Vice President


Adam Gardner

PTA Treasurer


We encourage all within the Adams community to become involved in the school's efforts to enrich and elevate the student experience. There are many ways you can contribute and being active participant within the PTA is a great way to do this. How and how much you choose to be involved is up to you. Thinking of volunteering, here are a few ways to get start.

  • Drop in on a PTA meeting. We hold a monthly board meeting, as well as various committee planning meetings through out the school year. All are welcome, and these meetings are a great place to meet other active members, ask questions and provide your input. Meeting dates and locations can be found on our PTA calendar or list within the Adams Newsletter

  • Purchase a PTA membership. There are a number of benefits to being a PTA member. Including voting privileges on our PTA budget and initiatives; supporting education advocacy efforts on a city, state, and national level; and access to a number of discounts from companies such as Office Depot, FedEx, LEGO bags, Wild Waves Theme and Water Park, just to name a few. Learn more and become a member here!

  • Volunteer as a board or committee member: We believe there is a volunteer opportunity suited for every willing participant. Some of our opportunities require an ongoing commitment, while many others do not require a significant investment of time. Visit our Volunteer page and get started today.


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