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We Appreciate Adams! 
The PTA and families at Adams try hard throughout the year to show the Adams staff and teachers that they are appreciated. There are many ways to do this - from volunteering, to gift giving, donations and of course saying "Thank You". Below are some resources and opportunities for you to find a way to best express your gratitude. 


Families can use the list below to find out what their child's teacher truly enjoys in terms of snack foods, sweet treats, restaurants, hot/cold beverages, places to shop, etc. Use it to gather ideas for the holidays, teacher appreciation week, and end of year gifts.


The online Staff Appreciation Binder is password protected. If you do not know the password please contact your grade rep or refer to the school newsletter.


Honoring our staff and teachers with grade sponsored appreciation lunches is a beloved and long standing tradition at Adams. It's a fun way to volunteer and show our appreciation. This tradition will continue once COVID-19 precautions are lifted.

But that can't stop us from finding a way to show gratitude to our great teachers and staff. This year the PTA organized an opportunity for Adams families to contribute towards a year supply of snacks & beverages refreshed monthly as a gift to ALL staff this holiday season and all year long!


Class parents will be in touch with each of the 19 classrooms to chat ideas of how to show love to teachers. Have an idea? Let your class parent or grade rep know!

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