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The Big Give 2022 - $106,000 goal
Thanks for your support!
As of November 22nd, we have raised over
$86,000 towards our Big Give goal!


The Big Give Makes a Big Difference!

Hello Adams Families! 


Welcome to a new school year. We are so happy to see our vibrant community of students, parents and staff interacting at school more this year! Your Adams PTA is working to rebuild the social environment at our school while continuing to support the students and staff inside — in many of the same ways we always have, and in some new ways like providing school supplies. 


The Big Give is one of two fundraisers this year. It is a “direct donation” program - the most efficient and least expensive way to raise money. The proceeds will go directly to Adams Elementary in the form of a grant which the PTA approved at our September general meeting in priority of the items listed below.


OUR BIG GIVE GOAL - $106,000 = $302.86 per student, or $1.68 per student/school day

$106,000 - Social Emotional Learning (SEL) & Playground/Lunchroom 

This grant ensures that every student has an enriching learning environment. It funds a portion of our Head Teacher: Family and Student Support Lead & 504 Building Coordinator, Tom DeFelice. Having lost our assistant principal, Tom provides crucial support to the social-emotional wellbeing of students at Adams; he coordinates the school’s social emotional learning curriculum, partners with parents and staff to develop the 504 accommodation plans, runs friendship groups, helps to resolve student conflicts, and checks in on any student who might be having a tough time in need of a supportive presence. This grant also pays the stipends of the vital staff playground and lunchroom support roles. SPS doesn’t provide funding for these positions. These stipends are paid for by the PTA so our teachers can be assured that they will have time available to send a parent email, work with a struggling student, prepare a lesson (or maybe even get a cup of coffee!). Teachers tell us this is a major reason they stay at Adams!


$35,000 - Tutoring & 6th Grade Math

Our grant funds Math & Literacy tutors for all grade levels, including advanced 6th grade math learning. Tutors supplement individual learning progress so teachers can continue with their planned lessons in the classroom and support group activities.

$12,000 School supplies for every student 

$8,400 Classroom fund for teachers

$5,700 Art, Music, PE, Library supplies

$6,000 BASAP scholarships

$13,000 Islandwood scholarships Fifth grade retreat returning this year

$4,400 Arts Assemblies & Poetry Project

$14,900 Community Events Fall Festival, Multicultural Potluck, Pajamboree, Graduation, Carnival, Field Day, and other free community building events.

$6,700 Playground, landscape, maintenance, emergency preparation 

$4,500 Staff Appreciation Coffee/Drink Bar and Snack Station, Educator Appreciation Week, and tons of small gestures to show how much we love Adams teachers and staff.

$9,020 Overhead costs Meetings, insurance, printing, postage, fees, website, newsletter.

Please give what you can - Don’t forget those corporate matches

We know that this is a big ask. We respect the funding you entrust to us and seek ways to reduce expenses while prioritizing inclusivity and equity.  We know that every financial situation is different, and so please give what you can, including your time as a volunteer. And everyone should check out the Everyday Ways to Give information on page 3 to maximize our support to the school.




1. Write a check and bring it to Adams This avoids PayPal fees.

Stop by our table at Fall Festival Saturday, October 29 to donate in person! 

2. Pay online by clicking the donate button at the top of the page.


​No, we cannot earmark your donations for specific areas. Our priority is to fully fund the grants we committed to Adams this fall.  PTA membership has voted to approve our general budget for the 2022-2023 year. 

​Adams PTA is 501(c)(3) non-profit. Your donation is 100% tax deductible. TAX ID: 91-0963029. 

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