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Your grade rep is always there to answer your questions and can help connect you with staff, PTA members and other parents.

Please feel free to email your grade rep, their name and contact information is also below. Your grade reps will send pertinent emails; let them know if you're not recieving them or if you'd like to opt-out.


Grade 5 / Class of 2024 

Jamie Wilson

Class of 2024 Facebook page

Grade 4 / Class of 2025

Melissa Imboden & Kay Woltman

Class of 2025 Facebook page

Grade 3 / Class of 2026

Liz Abersold

Class of 2026 Facebook page

Grade K / Class of 2029 

Mike Hodel

Class of 2029 Facebook page

Grade 2 / Class of 2027

Susan Pambianco


Class of 2027 Facebook page

Grade 1 / Class of 2028 

Noa Guter and Allison Born Leutner

Class of 2028 Facebook page


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