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Before and After School Activities Program (BASAP)

Welcome Adams Elementary Parents! The Before and After School Activities Program (BASAP) provides enriching activities in art, music, language, theater, sports and craft to enhance our children’s educational experience, strengthen their love of learning, add to the sense of belonging across grade levels, and encourage students to succeed while having fun pursuing new interests. 

News For Fall 2020

BASAP continues its virtual programming!! See the table below for the great offerings from our amazing BASAP providers. Some of the classes can be accessed via our 6crickets page  while others are available directly from the vendors.   


Here you will find most of your favorite vendors and a couple of fairly new (to us) vendors returning from our Spring online session. This is where you may also find the occasional new to us vendor making its debut in between seasons. 

 The programs listed here are a mix of ‘Open Market’ and 'Adams Only'. 'Open Market'; anyone in the community may be taking the class with you. How Fun! You may be in class with friends from Salmon Bay or Whittier, North Beach or Loyal Heights and so on! Other programs may be listed as ‘Adams Only’. Here you will be in class with only other Adams Elementary friends. What a great way to stay connected to your community! Either way, you’re sure to have a great time and find something that’s right for your family. We will do our best to keep you updated as new classes are added. We’re all in this together! 


Feel free to contact Robyn Bradbury with any questions. Also feel free to reach out if you want to say hi. We may be social distancing, but we can also come together (through technology) as a community. 


Scholarships still available if needed, however many classes are offering them through a sliding scale.


When we have resumed life as usual, some of our families may be looking for options that go beyond an hour before to an hour and a half after school.

Below are additional before and after school options that may be helpful:

Kids Co.

Ballard Community Center (BCC)

Ballard Boys & Girls Club

Illumination Learning Studio

Washington Karate Association

BASAP Online Programs

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