Fourth Grade Schedules/Guidelines


Here is a list of subjects we will be studying over the next few weeks:

-math-writing (salmon power point/opinion essay)



Students know how to log in to ‘Schoology’, but here are the directions for you to have as well:

1) go to

2) click “Student Family Portals”

3) click “Student Portal”

4) click “Log in with Active Directory”

5) students log in using their school email address (their username + and their password (their birthday as 4 digits, without the year)

  • All students memorized their username: it is 1 + first initial + middle initial + last name

  • They type this username and then add:

  • Their password is their birthday

  • EXAMPLE:Student’s full name: Chase Brian Ambrose

  • Student’s birthday: December 23

  • Log In:

  • Password: 1223

6) After logging in to Clever, students can click the ‘Schoology’ icon (it’s a black tile with a blue “S” on it)

7) They can see our chat pages, labeled ‘Taco Cat’

Other things students can do after logging into the Clever page:

-Typing Club (please have your child practice their typing skills here!)


-Chat on Schoology (I will be posting chat topics)

MATH: Our Unit 5 assessment on adding and subtracting fractions was scheduled for Friday. Please have your child finish the exit ticket math packet that went home on Monday. I would also like your child to work on the pages in their math books (soft) that have to do with adding and subtracting fractions. Your child can also log in to TTROCKSTARS.COM and work on their multiplication and division facts. We have been logging in during math class this week in preparation for the possibility that schools were going to close.  When you go to TTROCKSTARS.COM they will ask for a postal code. You will need to type in 98107. Your child’s username is the first three letters of their first name and first three letters of their last name. Example: Jennifer Larson would be jenlar. Their password is their birthdate in number form (month and date only – I’m confident your child will know how to do this). In the coming days I will assign practice on IXL that will be mandatory (you can tell them I said that).

WRITING:  Our class has been working hard finishing up our Country Reports. The class at this point are all at different points in their reports. Please have your child log in to Schoology and go to Word. They will know what to do from there. IF your child is handwriting their report, I let them know yesterday to continue to write their final draft on lined paper. I have attached a check list titled ‘Country Report check-list’. If your child is done they will do a powerpoint on the Salmon Life Cycle. I will also attach direction to this email. In the coming days I will be assigning pages in their Grammar books.

READING: Please have your child continue to read at least 30 mins a day. I would like the students to write a paragraph on what they read each day in their writing journals. We are studying story elements and would like them to include a description of at least one of the story elements within their paragraph (i.e. characters, setting, plot, theme, or point of view). Your child also has a StoryWorks magazine and packet in their binders to work on during this break. I am in the process of getting their own login for StoryWorks and they will be able to watch videos, as well as hear the stories read out loud.

SCIENCE: This subject will be more challenging to do at home. I am thinking we can do some fun activities on Mystery Science. I will send out more information soon.


I just wanted to let you know what I sent home with the students in terms of supplemental materials.

They all have their math workbook and we have done all chapters in it except Chapters 4 and 5.

It would be great if they also practice their multiplication facts and did some work on IXL.

Students also have 2 Storyworks magazines in their binder.  They are different types of articles to read and a grammar skills page as well.

I also suggested to the students that they practice writing by entering some of the contests that are in the magazine too.  I encouraged them to read daily.

They also have their logins for the online academic resources at where they can use typing club or culture grams, along with other applications.

I asked them to make sure they are maintaining their skills by doing a little work each day so they transition back to school will be easier.

We also talked about how we are sad to miss school and each other for a couple weeks.  I let them know I would miss them and that they could email me (with your permission) if they want.

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