2020 Auction Registration Instructions


To purchase individual ticket(s)

  1. Click on Buy Tickets.

  2. Contact Info tab: Edit if necessary. Click Next.

  3. RSVP tab: Follow instructions on this tab to purchase tickets, select entrees and list any special dietary needs for yourself and your guest.

  4. Guest Tickets: (optional) Only use this tab to purchase additional tickets (such as a 3rd and 4th ticket, but not an entire table). If you already entered your ticket info and/or your table info on the previous RSVP page, ignore this step.

  5. Cash tab: (optional) Consider helping us offset the cost of our teacher tickets, or donating toward a scholarship for a student to attend a Teacher Experience. You may also give a direct cash donation to the Adams PTA or Fund a School, which is Concord International Elementary. Choose a donation amount and click Next.

  6. Merchandise tab: (optional) Pre-purchase drinks NOTE: bottles of wine will NOT be available to purchase the night of the auction. Table guests can pre-purchase their own drinks. Suggest you purchase for you/your guest. Click Next.

  7. Review Cart tab: Verify purchase information. Click Next.

  8. Payment: Enter payment information. Click Process Transactions. NOTE: Please print and save the Payment Confirmation page. You’re done!

To purchase a table:

  1. Click Buy table for 10 (NOTE: To make registration easier, please have names and meal choices of your table guests ready.)

  2. Table Heading: Table Sponsorship - 10 people

  3. Enter the meals for table hosts

  4. Enter CC information and click “purchase”


  • Click Go to “my account to name table guests”

  • Update guest information

  • Add table guests

  • Add names

  • Quantity: 1

  • Guest of Table Host

  • Choose Meals

  • You may return to update guest information until Friday, 3/13

Questions? auctionreg@adamselementary.org


Bell Time

Start 8:55 a.m. End 3:25 p.m.
Early Release Wednesday: 8:55 a.m. - 2:10 p.m.

Adams Elementary

6110 28th Ave. NW., Seattle, WA 98107 

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