Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Wed, March 11, 8:00PM – Wed, March 18, 8:00PM

The online auction includes over 100 items plus ALL Teacher Experiences! You do not need to register or attend the Live Auction to participate. Get ready to bid and support our kids!

1. Go to http://adams.maestroweb.com to preview items.

2. TIP! BEFORE WEDNESDAY 8PM: Check your online account or set one up so you are ready!

  • Click “Sign In” at the top blue menu bar.If you have an existing account, sign in as usual.

  • If you don’t have one, set one up by searching for your record and choosing a password.

Teacher Experiences are only sold online and many sell out fast! Please read these instructions, review the TE that you and your child want to purchase, and be ready with fast fingers at 8PM on Wednesday, March 11!

  1. Go to http://adams.maestroweb.com.

  2. Click “Sign In” at the top blue menu bar.

  3. Once you are signed in, return to the auction website homepage and click on your teacher’s name in the left hand column under the Teacher Experiences heading.

  4. The spots for each experience are listed individually -- click on one to go to the purchase page.

  5. Click on the BUY NOW link, click OK when a confirmation window pops up, and you’re done! (Teacher experiences are sold at a fixed price – no bidding)

  6. You will receive an email (at the email address linked to your maestroweb account) with confirmation.

  7. If you refresh your teacher’s page, you will see that your spot is now marked SOLD. Congratulations -- your child is going to have a fantastic time!

  8. Check out the other great items being sold online!

Note: The other items in the online auction follow an eBay-style bidding process. Enter your maximum bid. The system will automatically increase your bid to your max as others bid. If you are outbid, you will receive an email inviting you to bid again. Keep posted to your email to win your item!

Teacher Experiences Sold Online Only! Wed, March 11, 8PM



Get ready for summmmmmmmerrrrr! Fun and games on the field and a slurpee run to cool off afterward. In the event of a rain out on that day, we will provide alternate activities indoors (but still get a slurpee).

Date: June 11, 2020 Time: 3:30-6pm Spots: 24 students; grade 3-5 Location: BCC fields Price: $40 per student


Join Mr. Faucette and Ms. Kenzi for an evening of rockin’ out on roller skates in the Adams Gym and a special art project. We’ll turn up the stereo and bring out the party lights, complete with concession-style snacks, glow sticks, and skating games. (School provided skates). Dress in white for a complete glow-in-the-dark experience

Date: May 29, 2020 Time: 6-8pm Spots: 20 students Location: Adams Gym Price: $40 per student


Stay after school with some of your favorite teachers to watch Frozen II and eat pizza! Bring your pjs and favorite stuffie! Please let us know if there are any dietary restrictions.

Date: April 24, 2020 Time: 3:30-6pm Spots: 30 students Location: Adams Library Price: $40 per student.


Join Ms. McQ, Ms. Orr, Mr. Oswald, and Ms. Christina for an afternoon of karaoke, crafting, and dancing in the Adams library! We’ll be making our own microphones and rock and roll accessories as we sing and dance to hot jams and sick beats. Snacks will be provided.

Date: May 29, 2020 Time: 3:30-5:30pm Spots: 23 students; grades K-2 Location: Adams Library Price: $40 per student


Join Ms. Timmi for an afternoon on the waterfront- “wheel” have a great time! We’ll meet at the base of Seattle’s Great Wheel, go for a ride in one of the gondolas (for a total of 3 revolutions), walk down to Ivar’s to eat french fries and drink lemonade, and --of course-- we’ll feed the seagulls too! We’ll make a quick stop at the candy shop for candy necklaces before heading back to the base to meet families.

Date: June 6, 2020 Time: 12-2 pm Spots: 6 students Location: The Great Wheel/Ivar’s, Seattle Waterfront Price: $75 per student


Have fun learning decorating techniques and make a box of fanciful cupcakes and cookies to take home!

Date: May 24, 2020 Time: 2-4pm Spots: 10 students; grades 2-5 Location: Ms. Windus’ home in Ballard Price: $40 per student.


Join Mr. Salter, Mr. McAuley and Mr. Baisden at the hippest, weather-proof skatepark in Seattle, All Together Skatepark! ATS has areas for all abilities, even if you are just learning! Bring your own skateboard, helmet, and pads. And if you don't have the equipment, just bring yourself, because ATS can set you up with a skateboard and protective gear onsite! The staff at ATS will also provide some lessons. Snacks and drinks will be provided!

Date: June 13, 2020 Time: 10-12pm Spots: 22 students Location: All Together Skate Price: $40 per student


Join Ms. Paulk and Ms. Carnell on a photo scavenger hunt around Ballard! Students will meet at Adams (P3) and get a tutorial on how to use a digital SLR. Then, the group will walk around Ballard, looking for items on their photo treasure map. Students will end the hunt with ice cream in Ballard. The photos will be put in a memory book that will be distributed to students before the end of the year. Student's parents are responsible for any broken cameras.

Date: June 6, 2020 Time: 1:30-4:30pm Spots: 8 students; grades 4-5 only Location: P3 Price: $40 per student


Join Mr. Howard at Woodland Park for a legendary outdoor laser tag experience with Laser Tag Live. Run around the woods, tag your friends, and then have pizza for lunch! With top-of-the-line equipment and professionally trained staff, Laser Tag Live will make it fun to play and safe for everyone and help gamers create epic memories that will last a lifetime.

Date: May 30, 2020 Time: 11:00-1:00pm Spots: 12 Location: Woodland Park Picnic Shelter #5 Price: $50 per student


Join Mr. Sohn and Ms. Walter for Friday night fun! Watch Toy Story 4 and have pizza for dinner! Bring your pjs and favorite stuffie. Please let us know if there are any dietary restrictions.

Date: May 15, 2020 Time: 3:30-6pm Spots: 20 Location: Adams Library Price: $40 per student



To purchase individual ticket(s)

  1. Click on Buy Tickets.

  2. Contact Info tab: Edit if necessary. Click Next.

  3. RSVP tab: Follow instructions on this tab to purchase tickets, select entrees and list any special dietary needs for yourself and your guest.

  4. Guest Tickets: (optional) Only use this tab to purchase additional tickets (such as a 3rd and 4th ticket, but not an entire table). If you already entered your ticket info and/or your table info on the previous RSVP page, ignore this step.

  5. Cash tab: (optional) Consider helping us offset the cost of our teacher tickets, or donating toward a scholarship for a student to attend a Teacher Experience. You may also give a direct cash donation to the Adams PTA or Fund a School, which is Concord International Elementary. Choose a donation amount and click Next.

  6. Merchandise tab: (optional) Pre-purchase drinks NOTE: bottles of wine will NOT be available to purchase the night of the auction. Table guests can pre-purchase their own drinks. Suggest you purchase for you/your guest. Click Next.

  7. Review Cart tab: Verify purchase information. Click Next.

  8. Payment: Enter payment information. Click Process Transactions. NOTE: Please print and save the Payment Confirmation page. You’re done!

To purchase a table:

  1. Click Buy table for 10 (NOTE: To make registration easier, please have names and meal choices of your table guests ready.)

  2. Table Heading: Table Sponsorship - 10 people

  3. Enter the meals for table hosts

  4. Enter CC information and click “purchase”


  • Click Go to “my account to name table guests”

  • Update guest information

  • Add table guests

  • Add names

  • Quantity: 1

  • Guest of Table Host

  • Choose Meals

  • You may return to update guest information until Friday, 3/13

Questions? auctionreg@adamselementary.org


Updated: Feb 1, 2020

Adams Elementary Auction FAQ

Date: Saturday, March 21, 5:00- 10:00pm at the Ballard Bay Beach Club, 6413 Seaview Ave NW, Seattle WA 98117

Tickets: $75 per person; available at http://adams.maestroweb.com/ starting mid-February.

What is the auction? The Adams Elementary Annual Auction is currently our biggest fundraiser of the year, last year grossing over $189,000. It is a fun, social night out and the primary goal is to raise money for our kids and Adams community. The auction funds a majority of our annual PTA budget: arts-integration training, tutoring, music and drama programs, technology upgrades, grounds renovation, and more. All non-SPS funded activities at Adams depend upon this fundraiser. Funds raised also pay for the free annual Adams Community Events, including the Multi-Cultural Potluck, the Family Pajamboree, and the Carnival plus education programs like occasional parent education sessions and equity programming. Providing all Adams families with free and accessible community-building social opportunities is a priority for the PTA.

Where is the auction? The auction will be held at the Ballard Bay Beach Club. There are very few venues in Ballard that can handle 250 guests for a seated dinner.

Background: For many years, we held the auction at self-service venues. (2006 – 2015). Although this did keep our costs lower, the management involved was extraordinary— orchestrating a multitude of vendors, managing them onsite and servicing ourselves with food and drinks required about 100 total volunteers over the course of the auction period and an extraordinary project manager to oversee the entire production. Moving to a full-service venue reduced our man hours by 60-70% and the number of volunteers required for the whole program down to ~30. Please note all volunteers managing this fundraiser are Adams parents like you and me—we do this because we love auctions and are obsessed with raising funds for our school. The time involved is not insignificant!

What’s covered in the ticket price? The $75 Live Auction ticket covers a wonderful, elegant dining experience through Jewel Catering, Silent and Live auction entry, 1 drink coupon, and an incredible evening!

Could you explain ticket pricing a bit more? As mentioned above, we made a conscious decision to move to a full-service venue 5 years ago after many years of extreme work to accomplish the event on our own. A few of us still on the Auction team remember those days all too well! We negotiate our pricing to keep costs controlled but note that the $75 ticket covers ~40% of the cost per person for the auction. We do not make money on the ticket, but the investment is well worth it!

Why can’t we just have a cocktail party, or a Big(ger) Give campaign, and do away with the auction? We looked into this rather thoroughly 6 years ago when considering the move, and costs, of a full-service venue. Each school community is unique in its participation and fundraising efforts match that population. West Woodland moved to a Big Give campaign several years ago by hiring a consultant to help them make the transition. Cascadia has a Big Give and pulls in $250K. We are frequently asked how we pull off such a successful auction with a small number of volunteers and 100% donations. The answer—we’ve had lots of practice and we’re really good at it!

To maintain the programs fundraising covers at Adams, we need to Net ~$250K per year. Experts in the field told us we had to clear 50% of the budget in Big Give before we could consider reducing / cutting the auction.

We’ve tried pushing our Give Campaign, but have never cleared more than $60K, so we’re not there yet.

Streamlining the event to a cocktail party would mandate a much shorter program, less auction items, translating to less revenue raised.

We know from the cocktail atmosphere during our Silent Auction that socializing is a fun priority, so bidding goes down. Having people sit and eat during a live auction holds attention and drives bidding UP.

Any change in the cycle of income—moving the auction to every other year for example—would require reworking our spend cycle significantly.

Can we use our fundraising to help others?

YES! We are thrilled to share some of our funds this year with another Seattle Public School, Concord International Elementary. Concord is a beautiful school serving a unique and diverse population of students with distinct needs as 72% of students are on free or reduced lunch (compared to 15% at Adams.) We will collect money for Concord in two ways: both day of the auction and during the online auction.

How does our price compare to other school auctions? Our price is in line with other auctions that have a catered dinner.

What is the cost for a teacher to attend? We are happy to thank our full time teachers with a complimentary ticket, but the actual cost is the same as for you and me -- $150+. On our auction registration page, we’ll invite you to help cover this cost by Sponsoring a Teacher when you register.

Does the auction staff buy tickets, or are they comped? The only staff who do not pay are those working the night of the auction, like Banking, Servers, and Floor Managers who do not sit at a plated table. All other auction volunteers buy their tickets at full price, including all Chair positions.

I can’t attend the auction. How can I participate?

  • Volunteer on Auction Night! You work hard, but get to attend, get a bid number, and have fun while doing it! We also always need Auction Superheroes! Superheroes help with one-off tasks, like picking up donations, hanging posters, etc. It’s easy- join the Superheroes, you’ll receive occasional job requests and if you can help, sign up!

  • Bid in the Online Auction! This year the Online Auction will be March 11-18, including many gift certificates to local businesses, great camps, some special party seats and ALL teacher experiences.

  • Proxy Bid Interested in something offered at the Live Auction? Have a friend bid for you or contact auction@adamselementary.org and we’ll assign a bid number to you and have a staff member onsite represent your bid.

  • Donate an item, service, party, experience. The best and most profitable auction items come from our parent community! The deadline to donate is February 14, so please alert us to your offer today! http://adams.maestroweb.com

  • Offer Babysitting / Sleepover Services to Friends Going to the Auction! Help your friends spend more money at the auction (making more money for Adams) by hosting a pizza or slumber party so they don’t have to pay a babysitter! That’s a great way to help!

Want to learn more or be part of the future of the Adams Auction? Join the team and shadow this year! Contact auction@adamselementary.org.


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