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The Adams Auction is Coming!

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Ballard Bay Club

6413 Seaview Ave NW Seattle

Registration Opens: 2/15: 

Online Auction Opens: 3/11-3/18


We hope you will join us for a night that promises to be fun and inspirational! Last year's auction grossed more than $186,000, directly supporting the library, classroom/playground supplies, staff support and so much more. We can all be proud of how our school, our families and the Ballard business community come together each year to raise money for our kids.

Donations Needed For The Auction 

It all starts with you!

All of us can help our kids by securing a donation for the auction. If every family procured or donated one item, we would be done! 


Asking for donations for Adams is easy! 


  • Ballard loves Adams.

  • We are "the local" in Ballard's business core.

  • More than 80% of businesses will say yes, especially if you ask for and talk to a manager. Most local businesses have donated to our auction before. 


Three easy steps to do it! 
  1. Pick up three procurement forms from the Eagle's Nest, office or near your child's classroom and keep them in your car.

  2. The next time you get your hair cut, get coffee, go out to dinner, or go shopping, ask if they would consider donating a gift certificate to our fabulous, neighborhood, public school

  3. Leave the form with the manager, or fill it in while you're there and return it to the Eagle's Nest or Office.

  4. Procurement Form Deadline is Mid-February .

Thank you!

Become involved with the Adams Auction Team?

There are many ways you can help with the auction that don't require long hours or a lengthy time commitment. Consider helping with one of these sub roles: 

  • Procurement Team

  • Lead a Classroom Auction Project

  • Auction Super Hero 

Additional information is available at contact our PTA Auction Chairs at 

 Volunteers Needed For The Auction 

Be an auction Superhero!

If you can occasionally help for an hour or two, join our Auction Superheroes team! This is a great way to help out a little at your convenience. We will gather names and send occasional Sign-Up Genius requests to the team. Sign up if you can -- details on your hours and position will come later. 

Night of Event Volunteer Manager

In search of 1 person (to work with Heidi Osborn) who is great at organizing and motivating a team of happy volunteers. We’ll secure the volunteers, provide guidance, scheduling template and you will drive communications to the volunteers, lead an onsite training meeting before the auction and act as the go-to manager during the auction. This role requires about 10 hours of work in March plus working onsite the day-of from 4pm - 10pm. YES you will get to come to the auction and be an integral part of all the action. You will eat onsite prior to the auction, but will not be able to join the seated dinner program, because you’ll be on duty for the evening. 


PowerPoint Captain 

We need one PowerPoint saavy parent to drive the deck during the Live Auction. The deck will be provided and you can use your laptop or ours. We will have a professional AV company on site, so your role will be to change the slides and be in tune with our auctioneer during the Live Auction. This job requires working onsite the day of auction from 4pm - 5pm to sync with auctioneer, then 6:30 - 10pm. 


Work at the Broadview-Thomson Auction

April 4th ~5 - 10PM ,  Fabulous parents from Broadview-Thomson will be working at our auction, so we’re helping them out too. Volunteering to work another auction is really interesting, a fun way to mingle with other Ballard neighbors, do some reconnaissance and help our partner school! Details on your hours and position will come later from the partner school coordinator.


Dessert Dash Donations

Every auction table of 10 bids to win their pick of the amazing dessert buffet, stocked with delicious homemade desserts made by Adams parents! If you love to make desserts, we could use your culinary skills to make a dessert for 10, and deliver it to the Ballard Bay Beach Club the afternoon of the auction. Stay tuned for signup genius link!


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